Maya Bennett is an emerging singer-songwriter originally from Loveland, CO, but now resides in Denver. Bennett has developed a songwriting style derived from passion, honesty and soul.


Bennett first started performing at the age of 12, when she learned three chords of a song to play at a talent show at the historic Rialto Theater in Loveland, CO. After that, she continued learn the guitar, (and later drums, banjo and bass), and went on to play open mics and street perform around Colorado, and eventually performed her first gig in May 2015. Since then, Bennett plays multiple times a week all across Colorado at various venues, breweries, cafes, festivals, and everything and anything in between.


Since Bennett began playing music, she has written over 100 songs, all with a unique, distinct sound. The music displays strong dynamics, complimented by a unique guitar style, broken up footdrum beats, a foot tambourine, and Bennett's strong, emotive vocals. With lyrics that connect, and a stage presence that draws the audience in, Maya Bennett puts on a show worth listening to.


Bennett was selected to perform a song at the Young Songwriters Competition at Swallow Hill Music in Denver in 2016, where she ultimately took the grand prize for best song/performance. She also performed a song at the Handmade Songs Songwriting Contest at the infamous Etown in Boulder, receiving the grand prize there as well.


Maya Bennett's debut album "MORE OF LESS" was released June 9th, 2016, and is available on (Linked below) The album showcases 8 originals songs, and contains intricate instrumentation, including cello, bass, and drums, on top of Bennett's usual guitar, vocals, and foot percussion. She is in the studio working on her second full time album now. 

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